Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Press coverage and Open day on Sat 7th August

As a result of the recent Open Studios festival I was interviewed by Tracy Spiers of Stroud Life and the following article appeared in today's edition of the paper.

I'm opening my studio again this Saturday 7th August from 10.30 until 6 p.m.

Also had a small piece in Stanley Gibbons stamp monthly in July. I recently made a series of Tulip collages and one of them included a stamp issued by Brazil in 1953 commemmorating an artist called Horacio Hora. As often happens to me when I'm making my collages, I go off at a tangent trying to find out more about the subject of one of the stamps I have been using! This man was obviously a very well known artist in Brazil in the early 1900s and apparently painted more than 300 paintings, but I have been unable to find out much about him, so wrote to the magazine in an attempt to get some feedback. Hoping to hear from someone, somewhere, sometime, but it hasn't happened yet! Not much on the web either and any art galleries in possession of his work seem not to have photos!

Stamp Magazine and Stamp Monthly also published articles about the Cargoes series of stamp collages in 2008.

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