Sunday, 15 May 2011

Flag of Argentina

The unusual colour of the Argentina flag, "celeste", or celestial blue, a paler blue than that which usually appears in many other nations' flags, is said to be the colour of the sky which inspired General Manuel Belgrano before going into battle. In 1810 Belgrano led demonstrations supporting liberation from Spain. The other version of the story about the colours and symbolism of the flag is that it is based on the blue and white cockades used to commemmorate the 25th May uprising, when the clouds over Beunos Aires cleared to reveal the sun in a blue sky. The sun on the official Argentine flag is depicted with a face - my flag's sun features a stamp with the portrait of General Belgrano. Many of Argentina's stamps commemmorate their famous leaders, including Belgrano himself, San Martin, and Rivadavia. The well known , Eva Peron, wife of President Juan Peron is commemmorated on many stamps including one in the centre of my stamp collage flag, 45c blue issued in 1952, shown next to it is the 5c blue stamp which was issued in 1946 on the Installation of Juan Peron. Stamps included in the upper blue band of the flag include several showing the maps of Argentina and its territories, including the disputed Falkland Islands or Las Islas Malvinas, The landscape and heritage of the country also features in many beautifully designed stamps.

This design is available as a greetings card, and can also be ordered as a canvas print, standard size approx approximately 28 x 39 cms, or custom made in larger sizes.

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