Thursday, 23 June 2011

Stroud Open Studios June 2011

My studio was open to the public for two week-ends and in spite of the rain many people came here to see my work. It was great to meet so many visitors, some local and some from much further away. It's lovely to hear that visitors are now coming to Stroud in June specially to visit artists' studios during this well established event.

My stamp collages created a great deal of interest and I received some amazing comments in my visitors' book. Children enjoyed doing the quiz which I think made their visit a memorable event and helped them and their parents examine the work even more closely.

The great thing about it is that I think there is something for eveyone and it also seems to appeal to people's love of nostalgia. Many have collected stamps at some time of their lives and have memories of certain stamps. The Blue Peter competition Christmas stamp, which features on the Union Jack collaged flag was commented on more than once and I was reminded of the actual programme where they showed post office staff checking sheets of stamps for errors. I found an error on the stamp in my own collection when I was nine years old, so it must have been a fairly common error!

Visitors' comments: "I didn't know stamps could be so gorgeous"

"Ingenious" "Fascinating"

"So inventive! Always interesting to see what you're up to!"

"Delightfully original! Great!

"Rachel's artwork is phenomenal. I love the style and think it is a really
great idea for recycling stamps and turning them into artwork. "

".. a really great body of work .."

"Lovely exhibition and you have been so helpful and cheerful. Thanks"

And thanks to all who came to see it!

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