Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Leaning tower of Pisa stamp collage

On 30th January, I mentioned that I had started to make a picture os the Leaning Tower of Pisa. My theory is that if I tell someone I've started, it puts a little bit more pressure on me to complete the task! Well, six weeks later, I've finally finished this one. Quite a lot of searching around for little figures to include in the foreground and on bell tower level.  I also got rather obsessed with trying to include Galileo in the picture as he was born in Pisa and there are many stories relating to his experiments in which he is said to have dropped objects of different weights from the top of the tower to prove that they would land at the same time. There is nothing in his own writings to prove that he ever did this, but it makes a good story!
Galileo Galilei was commemmorated on an Italian stamp of 1933 - and his portrait appears on the tower.  See if you can spot him.

Another set of stamps was issued in September 1942 to commemmorate the Death Tercentenary of Galileo.  Such a beautiful set of stamps, in perfect condition in my own collection that I didn't have the heart to cut them up!
Instead, here's a picture of the four stamps featuring different events in the life of Galileo.
The tower itself is made from carefully cut pages of an old Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogue.

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