Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Amazing Crystalline Ceramics of Wendy Fontaine - Stroud Open Studios

This morning I visited Wendy Fontaine whose work is displayed to wonderful effect in her beautiful home near Stroud, and which will be open again this week-end as part of the Open Studios festival.  See the Brochure which you can download from  - page 10 Venue No.4 of Route 02:Golden valley.

Wendy works in her garden studio to produce bowls, bottles and ornamental items which are painstakingly decorated with crystalline glazes in a variety of attractive shades. All are unique. The glaze is created using a particular recipe and the pieces are then fired through a long process of repeatedly raising (up to 1255 degrees C), and lowering and changing temperatures over different periods of time, during which time the crystals are shaped.   I couldn't resist buying a small bowl for myself in gorgeous shades of malachite with crystals randomly formed within the glaze.
Detail of crystalline glaze 

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