Sunday, 26 February 2017

Where's my polar bear? Creating Noah's Ark in stamps ..

One of the most irritating things that happens when I'm making my stamp collages is losing the stamps! I have to be careful not to wear woolly jumpers which attract stamps getting caught in them, and then walking away I find a trail of stamps all over the house ..   And once I start sticking them in place, it's even worse as I usually get the glue on my fingers too and then I pick up even more little bits of stamps without intending to.
I'm in the middle of making a new piece, Noah's ark,  using stamps in various shades of brown to construct the ark itself, and I've sorted out a lovely collection of animals but there must be two of each species to be authentic .. and  I just KNOW I had two polar bears .. but where is the other one? 

You guessed!                      

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