Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Getting stuck in

There's so much to do in my studio.  I have a bit of a butterfly brain and sometimes find it difficult to stick to one task, so nothing gets finished quickly.  And when I'm working, I'm afraid everything gets turned upside down in the search for materials!
 I have also set myself two new projects: a larger USA flag, and also the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Both of these are sketched out onto their supports.

I've been sorting out the US stamps and trying to decide which to use.   I found an old book called United States Stamps and Stories - The exciting saga of U.S. history told in stamps, issued by the US Postal Service in 1972.  It's a great little reference guide giving backgrounds to the US presidents, historical events and facts about US landmarks. Many stamps have been issued featuring the Statue of Liberty, presented to the people of the USA by the people of France on 4th July 1884.   Obviously, I'm trying to include as many different stamps as possible but am limited to those which are predominantly red, and blue - the white bands on my flag will probably be left blank.  The first president of the USA, George Washington (president 1789-1797)  luckily appears on many red definitives and there are numerous blue Statue of Liberty stamps to choose from too.   Other US presidents I can include are  John Adams (president 1797-1801) and Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809).

The hunt is still on for a stamp of Franklin D. Roosevelt. It would be great to include him as he was a life-long stamp collector. My little book quotes him as saying, "The best thing about stamp collecting is that the enthusiasm which it arouses in youth increases as the years pass.  It dispels boredom, enlarges the vision, broadens our knowledge and in inumerable ways enriches our life.  I also commend stamp collecting because I really believe it makes one a better citizen."     There are many US stamps which promote the hobby so, in the absence of FDR,  I will also try and include on of these.

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