Monday, 21 January 2013

Haute couture on the Eiffel Tower

Haute Couture, or High fashion takes on a whole new meaning!   I'd been thinking about the Eiffel Tower as a possibility for a stamp collage, and having drawn it out, took some time to get started. Quite a daunting but indeed challenging project! The next stage was to search through the stamps to find suitable ones to make up the structure, but I hadn't really considered the complication of the iron-work and no French stamps I had seemed quite right.  Then I realised I would need to cut the stamps to resemble the metal structure of the Eiffel Tower. In my search  I found several of the 1953 - 55 National Industries and Literary Figures issue which includes a 30F illustrating the Haute Couture industry, showing a model with the Place Vendome in the background.  You may be able to spot her leaning over the tower platform! Her dress also makes up some of the ironwork.
Trees  in the form of the green definitive Marianne stamps from 1945 to more recent issues have been used to resemble the trees that line the avenue leading up to the Tower.
It's funny how things come together!


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