Saturday, 15 March 2014

Oyez! Oyez!Oyez! at 112.8 decibels!

I didn't really think anything would come of it, when I got in touch with Gloucester's Town Crier, Alan Myatt, in a last ditch effort to get some publicity for my exhibition Stamping Ground at The Guildhall in Gloucester.
However, I was really pleased when he agreed to help me out  when he will be in Gloucester City Centre.  And not only that, but he also got in touch with the Gloucester Review, sending them some photographs and information about me too!  There is a feature on Alan on page 4, in which we can read that he holds the world record for being the loudest town crier and has also acted as toastmaster at a banquet held in the presence of HM the Queen, and lead the Royal car in a procession during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations    in Hitchin Herts, where he also town crier.  So I'm most honoured that he will be mentioning my exhibition alongside other events in Gloucester during the coming week!  The article about Stamping Ground is featured on P20. Sorry to say though, that we share the news this week in the Gloucester Review with the headline "Outrage over badger cull crash court case" on the front page which has made national news.
I really like this Free Community newspaper, available in many outlets in Gloucester and will look out for other editions whenever I'm over there.
!  I really like this Free community newspaper and will make a point of looking out for it whenever I'm in Gloucester - lots of interesting articles to read.

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