Wednesday, 9 July 2014

German flag flying high as German team beat Brazil 7-1

The result of the Germany v Brazil match last night has caused me to get a move on with completing one of my many works in progress, the German flag stamp collage ..

 I always find out interesting facts when making up the flags. Just found a nice woodcut by Gerhard Marcks (1889 - 1981 ) a German who was mainly a sculptor but also produced some very nice  woodcuts and prints, including this one on a stamp issued in 1989. . I also thought Peter Paul Rubens was Belgian, but it turns out that he was born in Siegen, Germany in 1577, so he's going in the black part of my flag too! (top right) J.S.Bach (top left) is there too (top right).A lovely German stamp issued to commemorate the Bauhaus art school appears in the central red part shows a striking image by Laszlo Moholy Nagy .. who was actually Hungarian, but was a professor there, so I've used my artistic licence with this one! Many of the predominantly yellow stamps included here were sent to me in exchange for beer labels from a contact in Germany made through Postcrossing - thanks Uwe!

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