Sunday, 21 September 2014

I name this ship ..????

My latest stamp collage is now finished and the difficult task of naming her now faces me ..

She is a three masted clipper, like the Cutty Sark, shown here on a recent GB stamp:

In my picture I've used stamps from all over the world, but predominantly US stamps for the hull and French stamps for the sails.  The sheet of stamps with the White Ensign featured in a previous post together with the signal flags also came in handy.  The crew are international and there are some passengers too!

Another ship collage used the same French definitive stamps in shades brown and rusty red.  This stamp is known as La Semeuse, the Sower.  However, although the owner of the other ship suggested "La Semeuse Bleue", The Blue Sower, I have slight reservations as I feel that this one is definitely of English origin, built of course in Stroud!! So my final decision is The Blue Lady .. but of course, another owner would be free to rename her, as has been the tradition  for many famous ships over the years!

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