Monday, 10 December 2012

My first stamp album

Making stamp collages and exhibiting has brought me into contact with a lot of people who were childhood stamp collectors but gave up the hobby.  Most find it fascinating that I'm using stamps to create pictures and I have had some lovely appreciative comments about the way the stamps are being used to good effect.  Some people have kept their old stamp albums in the hope that their families will take up the hobby but this doesn't always happen I'm afraid.  One or two friends have given me their albums and I occasionally receive a packet in the post from someone who has read about my work and is kind enough to send me stamps they want me to have and make good use of. I was recently presented with this lovely little album, which is  the very same as the one I had as a child, a little blue album with a ship on the front, very much like the Blue Peter emblem!
It contains stamps mainly from the  1960s and many are the same as the ones I had myself.  My collection outgrew the little blue album's 6750 spaces, and I later began to specialise in a few countries and themes, but was so pleased to see this one again!     

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