Thursday, 30 January 2014

Latest landmark stamp collages

I sometimes spend hours searching for suitable stamps to complete a picture and add the final touch.
As all artists will agree it's sometimes hard to know quite where to stop .. but I just had to find a dove to finish off the Brandenburg Gate to my own satisfaction.  Having finally placed the eagle on top of my version of the Quadriga - the chariot pulled by four horses, I wanted also to include a dove as a symbol of peace now that the gate is no longer a dividing line, but a sign of the unification of East and West Germany.
It proved a long search and I found several contenders for the role, but finally settled on the South African stamp, which has a strong illustration of a white dove which stands out against the blue sky.
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin    Stamp Collage

And the camels arrived too .. in fact there were so many in the end that I was spoilt  for choice, and used several to give an idea of scale and distance, using some of the smaller ones nearer to the Pyramids, with some of the larger ones in the foreground. Luckily I managed to find most of them from my own stock of stamps, and promised myself that very soon I will have another sort out and filing session to make life a bit easier next time. I recently purchased a very strange assortment of stamps from Libya, and purely by chance they included a couple of nice camel stamps which I've used in my picture.     Both pictures are now being copied for limited edition prints and cards and the originals will shortly be framed for my forthcoming exhibition in March at Gloucester Guildhall Arts Centre.  Further information to follow!
Camel image cut from Libyan stamp 
Pyramids of Giza stamp collage

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