Saturday, 7 February 2015

Romanian musical instrument - the tulnic

I came across a Romanian stamp today which has brought back memories.  It's a stamp issued in 1961 and I feel sure it was probably in my collection as a child, which sadly I don't have any more. Many of the stamps went the way of so many childhood collections, probably sold for pocket money to buy other things more interesting to teenagers .. but things have a habit of coming round again! Other Romanian instruments are also featured in this set - will repost if I find the others too!

The other more recent memory  is of the Haute Nendaz Alp horn festival we went to last Summer in Switzerland. It was a gathering of alp horn players not just from Switzerland but also from other parts of Europe, including Romania.  These beautifully dressed ladies came from a remote village with their unique instruments, which are apparently best played near water - in this case the Lac de Tracouet! The wood from which they are made comes from a particular Romanian forest.  To hear this wonderful instrument, there are several Youtube videos available, and many more of the traditional Swiss alp horns we saw at the Nendaz summer Alp horn event.

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