Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Valentine Cards from all over the world this year!

Not only did I receive a Valentine card  from my husband this year, but also several other cards from all over the world! It seems that it is now the custom to send cards to friends as well as romantic partners and there is a huge card industry around this special day, February 14th.  Being a member of Postcrossing, where I send and receive cards from people all over the world, I was lucky to receive these lovely cards this year from  Turkey, Belgium,.Germany, Australia and Great Britain with some actually arriving on Valentine's day!  Many countries now issue stamps for Valentine's day including France - see earlier blog posts of January regarding the Designer hearts I've used in some of my recent Heart collages!  Cards will be coming soon and judging by popularity of the Heart cards I've made in the past, they are not only for Valentine's day!
Sticker on a Belgian card
This card and stamp were issued last year, but received in time for this year's Valentine's day!

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