Sunday, 16 June 2013

Quilt collection at the American Museum ... and on US stamps

The American Museum at Claverton, Bath has a wonderful collection of hand made quilts from early 1800s to modern times. You can get in very close to examine the intricate work which is on display in the Quilt room and regularly rotated to ensure that the quilts are maintained and preserved at their very best.

I'm hoping to combine my interest in stamp collage, with making my own stamp quilt, but in a much smaller size, suitable for framing, having been inspired by this great collection. I have a large amount of US stamps which will be just perfect - just hope I've got as much patience as the American quilters obviously had!

The stamps shown below depict one of the quilt motifs seen at the Museum.  I also came across other memorabilia in the museum which has been the subject of US stamp issues and will feature these on a different post.
Embroidered detail from a patchwork quilt  on display in the American Museum in Bath
I was pleased to see this design as I had recently found a set of US Stamps depicting this popular basket motif
(see below)

Nine patch quilt

I'm always interested to see fine hand-crafted items and these quilts are very special!

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