Sunday, 29 January 2017

Back CAT-alogue ..Cat Collages Take 2

Last Summer I spent time outside sketching cats.  Not real cats, although around here there is plenty of opportunity! No, these were ornamental cats, from a rather large collection which my mum had amassed over many years.
 The idea was partly to photograph and sketch them and then maybe part with them as they have rather taken over the house.. but that hasn't happened yet, although a few have been rehomed!  The next stage was to make some collages based on the sketches, but although I enjoyed making them, I wasn't quite happy with all the results, so they were in a folder for a while. Now, I have been looking at them again and also inviting criticism from family and friends. I made alterations,changed backgrounds and generally fiddled around until I was happier. Now I have a Cat category on my website  where you can see some of them .. more will be added shortly. Some are entirely stamp collage, others are mixed media, using Japanese crayons, and inks.

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